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8 Things You Need to Know About Rotary Joints & Unions

1. What are Rotary Joints & Unions?
A rotary joint, also referred to as a rotary union or rotating union, is a rotary sealing device that connects rotating equipment to fixed piping for the transfer of steam, water, thermal oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, air, and other media.

2. The History of the Rotary Joint
In August of 1933, R.O. Monroe and L.D. Goff, in conjunction with a local mill, designed and built the first rotary joint. While the early years were focused on sealing steam and water joints, today there are thousands of configurations of standard and custom rotary joints. Read more about rotary joint history.

3. The Ultimate Glossary of Rotary Joint Terms
Expand your knowledge of rotary joints by reading a glossary of commonly used terms.

4. Recommended Rotary Joint & Union Piping
Flexible metal hose is used on the inlet and outlet connections of rotary joints and rotary unions to allow for the rotary joint movement and for thermal expansion of piping.

5. Misalignment of the Rotary Joint
What is the greatest cause of pre-mature carbon seal ring failure? Learn about rotary joint misalignment.

6. Achieving Optimal Rotary Joint & Union Performance
Achieving optimal equipment performance is a goal of importance to management and operations. The proper equipment and maintenance of equipment are important in realizing optimal performance of the entire operation.

7. What’s This Thing For? Measuring Seal Wear
Learn about the ways Kadant Johnson rotary joint seal wear can be measured.

8. Carbon Guide vs. Rolling Element Bearings
There are many factors when deciding whether to pick a rolling element bearing or a carbon guide supported rotary joint. Both styles are self-supporting which are used when there is no external framework to mount a rotary joint, or the geometry and application do not require external support. Read about the deciding factors.

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