At Kadant we are excited about the opportunity to share the story behind our ongoing work in support of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and transparent governance across our global company.


TONS of material sent to composting


TONS of metals used in our products


TONS of paper recycled by our machines over the past 10 years

Our sustainability efforts focus on three key components

Our people

Our people and our communities

Our people are the heart and driving force of Kadant. Our people focus their efforts on making the best solutions possible to benefit our customers. We invest in our people and are connected to the communities in which we operate.

The efficiencies of our products and our own manufacturing processes

Our products are designed to reduce waste, use resources more efficiently, and allow our customers to create more value with fewer inputs.
renewable resources

Our focus on facilitating the productive and efficient use of renewable resources and materials

Our products can maximize the use of renewable and biodegradable materials which, in turn, can help our customers achieve their sustainability goals including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

At Kadant, we are proud of our history, our people, and our products.

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