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Well-run operations are using the full capabilities of their control systems to achieve a fully integrated solution to ensure a safe, effective, and efficient operation.
A reliable solution starts with proper connectivity to all devices so that companies can extract the value from all its industrial control systems and build a data-driven culture. The rapid evolution of technology in industrial automation systems makes the need for seamless integration between devices on the plant floor and the rest of the enterprise that much more important in today’s world.
We have made significant strides in bringing automation solutions to our customers with the recent acquisition of Cogent Industrial Technologies Ltd. The addition of Cogent to the Kadant family significantly increases our ability to deliver automation and control through digitalization as a plant-wide technology solution for process industries.


Deeper Insights. Greater Control.

Our illumen.X platform is a comprehensive framework for digital transformation that is responsive, robust, and reliable. It combines products, data, and analytics to enhance productivity, improve efficiencies, and optimize performance. The illumen.X platform also creates a digital ecosystem that is adaptable and scalable, enabling the ongoing innovation of applications and services, and ensuring solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs of the existing IT infrastructure. From machine learning and data analytics, to plant automation and AI, the illumen.X platform helps optimize industrial processes across multiple systems and physical locations, delivering real-time data analysis and actionable insights.

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