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Meet the Kadant UK Team Supporting the Food Processing Industry

Michael Williams SMMichael Williams, Industrial Business Development Manager

During Michael’s 14 years with Kadant UK he has visited many food manufacturing plants and has learned the day-to-day challenge’s food manufacturers face; including roll and belt contamination. His extensive knowledge in Kadant UK’s products related to continuous roll and belt cleaning make him a great resource to his customers and allows him to offer solutions that will increase quality and improve the overall efficiency of food manufacturing lines. He has been involved in many projects on applications such as potato flaking and starch drum dryers, tunnel ovens, dough sheet forming lines, and chocolate refiners. In many cases, he has contributed to the improvement of operator safety associated with manual cleaning of rolls and belts. This includes applying HACCP certified scraper blade systems to negate the need for manual intervention.

Dave Clarke SMDavid Clarke, Regional Sales Manager Industrial

David has been with Kadant for over 17 years and has in-depth knowledge of rotary joints including the applications and systems they can be used on. He has a very strong working knowledge of systems including steam, water, air, and thermal oil. David is also a resource to customers on filtration and filtration applications, as well as roll cleaning and doctoring.

Phil Eastwood, Industrial Sales Engineer

Phil Eastwood SMPhil has been with Kadant UK for over eight years and his areas of expertise include roll scraping solutions, specifically oven band and belt cleaning in food manufacturing. He also has vast experience in scraper system installations throughout the food industry, with strong installation references.

Phill also has extensive knowledge of flaking applications including starch, cereal, and fat flaking and is knowledgeable in replacing of clamp style type OEM knife systems, with efficient, safe, and HACCP certified solutions.

In addition, Phil is a resource on fluid handling solutions, including rotary joints used to transfer media such as steam, thermal oil, and water from a stationary source in rotating machinery.

Mohammed Qasim SMMohammed Qasim, Senior Systems Engineer

Mohammed is a part of the Process Solution Group (PSG) with Kadant and has worked with us for over 18 years. He specializes in the supply of advanced steam and control systems for our clients and has extensive experience in process systems design and control from developing initial design concepts all the way through to turnkey system delivery.

Extensive hands-on experience in process optimization and troubleshooting of steam and control systems in the food industry, Mohammed takes particular interest in energy efficiency and reducing the impact that production processes can have on the environment.

  • Written by:

    Helen Phillips

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