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HACCP International Food Safe Certified Flaking Knives

Drum dryers and flakers are used within the food industry to convert a liquid food slurry into dry solid flakes. The process is commonly used to produce ingredients such as potato starch. On a drum dryer producing potato starch, a scraper blade is required, this is otherwise known in the food industry as a flaking knife. Typically, flaking knives provided by OEM’s are designed to be reground to allow the knife to be reused. However, reground knives could negatively impact food safety. The reground knives are transported to a workshop and then typically stored in a production area increasing the risk of contamination. In addition, reground knives increase the risk of metal contamination in the end-product.

Kadant offers a line of HACCP certified flaking knives that are manufactured in compliance with EC1935 and FDA regulations. By using a combination of advanced material technology and expertise within scraper blade technology, Kadant provides a single-use knife that offers significantly increased lifetime, eliminating the need to regrind the knives. Furthermore, less loading force is required when using Kadant knives resulting in extended drum life. The knives are typically changed within two minutes which reduces production downtime and equates to higher yields. Product quality and consistency are improved with a Kadant knife compared to a traditionally re-ground knife.

Kadant recently concluded trials with a manufacturer of drum dried infant cereals who confirmed that metal contamination within the food product was greatly reduced when using Kadant flaking knives. Additionally, they found the single-use knives were much easier to handle, safer, and quicker to change. This also improved general health and safety for their operators.

In certain applications and operating conditions, the return on investment can be met in as little as 12 months**.

The following HACCP International certified knives are specifically available for flaking:

*Available in the U.K. with release coating.

**ROI has been proven within 12 months in European countries

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    Robbert Content

    Michael Williams

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