Float Purger™ Stock Cleaning System

The Float Purger stock cleaning system operates on the primary screen reject flow in the coarse screening loop of heavily contaminated long fiber furnish. The energy-efficient system offers continuous and reliable operation with high rejects removal efficiency and high accepts quality. As a result, contaminant build-up in the pulper is reduced and pulper productivity is increased.

Centrifugal Continuous Screening

Centrifugal continuous screening solutions feature both holes and slots at medium and low consistency as well as a robust design for a low cost of ownership. The Ultra-V pressure screen is a multi-purpose screen that can be operated with very fine slots while the CH screen offers an economical solution in a horizontal configuration that is simple to maintain. 

Centripetal Screening

The Type SP centripetal screen offers fine slot screening at low consistency for approach flow applications. High screening efficiency is achieved at extremely low pulsation levels and cylinders are less sensitive to wear due to the centripetal configuration.

Screen Cylinders

Drilled and slotted screen cylinders by Kadant are designed for high performance and durability for pulp and paper mill applications. All solid plate and wedgewire screen cylinders are manufactured to precise specifications. Both mechanical and electronic technologies are used to produce perforated hole and slotted cylinders to exacting standards.

The Kadant screen cylinder line offers a variety of profiled, drilled, and wedgewire designs. Our broad selection of cylinder profiles and open areas allows for greater process flexibility, depending on the specific process and actual operating conditions. Our family of cylinders include wedge wire, pinched bars, plain cylinders, including FibreWall, and the new V-Max™ screen cylinder.

Impulse­™ Rotor

The Kadant Impulse rotor is a customizable rotor for use in mechanical, chemical, and recycled fiber applications. The sloped foil design improves cylinder back flushing while the foil’s leading edge mechanically assists debris movement into the screen rejects.

Periscreen Machine Screen

The Periscreen machine screen is used for fine and machine screening of all pulp and stock types. A uniform flow through the screen basket as well as stable and uniform conditions within the screen ensures maximum capacity and separation efficiency and lowest possible energy consumption.