MAK-C Deinking

Based on more than three decades of innovation and expertise in advanced flotation technology, the new Kadant MAK-C compact flotation cell offers maximum yield and efficiency.



  • Mix of multi-stage tank flotation and column flotation
  • No secondary cells needed
  • Large spectrum bubble size
  • Compact design
  • Low energy consumption


  • Low fiber losses and total losses
  • High ash content in foam, up to 85%
  • High foam consistency, up to 8%
  • Increased control and flexibility

The operating principle is based on the combined multi-stage effect of the MAC-Cell tank flotation principle and column flotation using different shape characteristics and counterflow effects.

Due to its unique design, the MAK-C can absorb feed quality variation, based on specific furnish critieria, without negatively impacting performance.

The low fiber losses, high foam consistency and highquality accept, provide for a relatively short pay-back period through increased yield, reduced deinking sludge thickening and reduced use of pulping and bleaching chemicals.

Low energy injectors

The injectors are highly resistant to plugging, in most stock applications, operate at a low specific energy value from 10 to 12 kWh/ton.