Kadant’s innovative pulping systems have been installed in a variety of pulping applications including recycled paper, virgin pulp, broke systems, bank notes, and many other applications. We offer complete systems for all pulping applications. You can count on Kadant’s expertise to design and supply a system based on your furnish and your requirements for quality, energy efficiency, and maximum fiber recovery.

Hydrapulper® Low Consistency Pulper

Efficient and effective pulping for applications such as OCC pulping, virgin pulp bales, broke, and other low consistency applications. Our Hydrapulper low consistency pulping systems can include Trashwell junk towers, junk traps, raggers, and Hydrapurge™ defibering system, Hydraflow, and the CLD Continuous Light Detrasher reject defibering equipment to remove contaminants.

High Consistency Pulper

High consistency pulping is accomplished using different turbine design, Helico, Hi-Con™ high consistency pulper, our low-energy Heli-Disc™, or Helisoft high consistency pulper. Applications typically include broke, MOW, SOW, and OCC. This high consistency pulper applied with customized turbine can be used efficiently for BEKP (Bleached Eucalyptus) or Accacia virgin pulp.

Helidrum™ Pulper

The Helidrum pulper is designed for applications where the raw material has a high trash load.  Specially designed devices allow the pulper to defiber the furnish while separating contaminants such as plastic and aluminum film.

Medium Consistency Pulping

For special applications such as wet strength and broke, Kadant’s medium consistency pulper is often applied. The medium consistency pulper combines the strengths of the low consistency Hydrapulper pulping machine and select features of the Hi-Con™ High Consistency Pulper.

Drum Pulper

Kadant’s drum pulper is designed to meet the demanding applications of pulping furnish with high trash loads and high capacity.