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Optimizing Press Screen Cleaning & Wastewater Recovery in Engineered Wood Production

Wood framing Kadant Solutions is gearing up to attend the PELICE conference and expo with our sister company Kadant Carmanah. We look forward to introducing innovations in press screen cleaning and wastewater recovery to engineered wood panel and lumber producers.

In the meantime, I took some time to speak with Aaron Hickman, business development manager for Kadant Solutions, about how the products we developed for other process industries such as paper, tissue, metals, food, and nonwovens can serve engineered wood production.

The Next Generation of Continuous Press Screen Cleaning

A challenge that engineered wood manufacturers face is keeping fabrics clean with OEM traversing shower equipment. Shower spray nozzles plug easily from dirt build up, which leads to many issues like formation defects and imperfections in the surface finish of the final product and can cause frequent production downtime and quality issues.

M clean Referring to a specific case study about a manufacturer of wood fiber insulation boards, Aaron Hickman remarked, “By installing two M-clean™ systems, a wood fiber plant realized continuous fabric cleaning and the surface of products coming off the line were dramatically improved.”

The M-clean system includes a complete set of high-pressure pumps, evacuations, and control systems designed to efficiently clean press fabrics and screens. "Whether your plant uses individual caul screens, or you have a continuous press fabric, one thing is true: the voids of those screens must remain clean and clear so that air and other gases can be ‘pressed’ out of the material,” said Hickman.

“The M-clean system continuously cleans the press fabrics and screens which improves efficiency and increases productivity,” says Hickman. For engineered wood manufacturing, these benefits lead to increased fabric life and fewer defects caused by contaminated screens.

Enhanced Sustainability with Advanced Wastewater Recovery

RotoFlexThe RotoFlex™ resource recovery strainer and the ErGo™ filtration system can work together to remove wood and other contaminants from wastewater streams. A leading product in wastewater recovery, the RotoFlex resource recovery strainer recycles water and filters solids while ensuring uninterrupted operations in critical areas like press screen cleaning and cooling. By combining the RotoFlex resource recovery strainer with the ErGo filtration system, engineered wood facilities can keep press fabrics and screens clean with less water consumption while adhering to environmental regulations and upholding their operational effectiveness.

According to Hickman, “Our approach to water management not only complies with discharge regulations but also enhances operational efficiency in engineered wood production.” He also highlights the importance of strainers and filtration systems in extending equipment lifespan and supporting sustainable manufacturing by preventing spray nozzle blockages and reducing sediment in recycled water.

By preventing spray nozzle clogs, and ensuring clean recycled water, the M-clean system, RotoFlex resource recovery strainer, and ErGo filtration system technologies maintain product quality, avoid defects, and decrease the need for fresh water - contributing to more sustainable manufacturing practices for engineered wood production.

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Kadant Solutions will join Kadant Carmanah, our sister company, at the PELICE conference and expo in Atlanta from March 14 to 15, 2024. Look for us at booth 600. Connect with Kadant Solutions Division on LinkedIn to learn more about our employees, products, and services.

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    Katherine Babbit

    Katherine Babbit

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