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Rotary Joint Servicing and Spare Parts

Proper equipment, installation, and maintenance are key for optimal performance of any rotary joint or union.

The importance of proper maintenance and usage of genuine spare parts are key elements enabling long-term reliability of rotary joints used in continuous process applications. Planned maintenance is essential to ensure that any developing issues can be resolved before becoming expensive problems.

Typical rotary joint and union issues that can arise without proper maintenance include:

  • Steam (or other fluids) leaks
  • Premature failure of wearing components
  • Stressed metal flexible hoses
  • Damage to secondary process equipment

Kadant has dedicated service teams located across the globe to help customers maximize rotary joint performance and reliability. These teams provide various services including inspection, wearing component assessment, and direction to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the equipment and the safety of the application.

Genuine spare parts ensure a rotary joint meets the OEM specifications, performs as designed, and also maintain the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification. Kadant provides a quick turn around on all genuine spare parts to minimize machine downtime and potential productivity losses.

  • Written by:

    Tilly Wood

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