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How Kadant is Influencing the Engineered Wood Industry

Kadantblog post wood proc has a long history of industrial innovation that spans over a century. Kadant's influence is evident across several process industries including pulp and paper, tissue, food processing, fiberglass mat, and metals processing. Now, two Kadant companies, Kadant Carmanah and Kadant Solutions, are joining forces to bring new innovative solutions to the engineered wood industry.  

Kadant Carmanah is a known name in engineered wood production with its strand technology and wood processing equipment that focus on maximizing fiber utilization. Kadant Solutions has developed advanced cleaning and filtration systems to address the challenges of dirty caul screens and press fabrics. These experiences set the stage for a collaborative effort to reshape the engineered wood industry.

ARGUS Condition Monitoring Analysis KCDRevolutionizing Engineered Wood Production with Key Technologies

Kadant’s goal is to optimize production schedules, predict maintenance requirements, and improve resource utilization. We strive to provide engineered wood manufacturers with solutions that can effectively address both their immediate and long-term challenges while remaining sustainable and competitive in the market.

The ARGUS smart-connected technologies by Kadant Carmanah monitors and analyzes stranding operations in real time for enhanced productivity and efficiency. The M-Clean™ system and the RotoFlex™ resource recovery strainer from Kadant Solutions improves caul screen and press fabric cleanliness, ensuring high-quality final products. Together, these technologies represent a new era for engineered wood production, redefining industry standards.


New M clean Photo

PELICE Conference and Expo Collaboration

Please join Kadant Carmanah and Kadant Solutions at the PELICE conference and expo in Atlanta from March 14 to 15, 2024. Look for us at booth 600 to learn more about these innovations that address immediate operational needs and pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable future in engineered wood manufacturing.

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  • Written by:
    Katherine Babbit

    Katherine Babbit

    B2B Marketing Specialist, Kadant Solutions Division

    Aaron Candido

    Aaron Candido

    Marketing Manager, Kadant Carmanah

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