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Research and Development: The Force Behind Patented Technologies and Innovated Products

Kadant Johnson’s research and development activities are the force behind our patented technologies and innovative products used in papermaking, corrugating, and other process industries worldwide.

At the Kadant Johnson Research & Development Center in Three Rivers, Michigan, equipment and system components are tested under the conditions of a customer’s operation. From the data gathered, Kadant Johnson can determine the right components to maximize machine performance.

For example, using our full-size commercial paper dryers, we can simulate grade-specific future operating conditions and provide insights into the proposed paper drying equipment and process variables to help meet expected performance goals and cost savings targets.

The objective evaluation is intended to provide definitive recommendations for the optimal drying control strategy and equipment to maximize drying performance. Gaining insights into the drying process variables before making equipment selection can provide a clearer path toward achieving project goals.

Additional things that can be done at the Research Center:

  • Customers can take the steam and condensate equipment alternatives for a “test drive” before it is purchased.
  • Control and adjust dryer edge temperature profiles can be demonstrated.
  • Blow-through steam flow characteristics for specific syphon and dryer configurations can be evaluated.
  • Advanced steam system control strategies can be demonstrated.
  • Heat transfer comparisons can be made before and after installations of Kadant Johnson equipment, such as Turbulator® Tube™ bars, stationary syphons, and rotating syphons.
  • Measure roll surface temperature response to changes in pressure, heat load, or speed.
  • Practice installation of rotary jointssyphons, and Turbulator bars.
  • Demonstration of the potential for reducing energy consumption.
  • Written by:
    Danielle Rohrer

    Danielle Rohrer

    Director Marketing, Kadant Inc.

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