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Fiber Processing Experts Speak at TAPPICon 2022

Steven Johnson with XCEL NTSteve Johnson, senior applications engineer, Kadant Black Clawson LLCMembers of the Kadant Black Clawson application engineering team led several technical seminars at the recent TAPPICon 2022 as part of our ongoing effort to educate the paper industry and elevate the up-and-coming talent with the very best practices of fiber processing.

Seminars are designed to “help companies make the highest quality recycled paperboard while reducing costs and environmental impacts”, according to TAPPI. This year the event focused on topics relevant to manufacturers of recycled board grades such as multi-ply paperboard, linerboard, tube and core, and gypsum liner.

Neale Fetterly, senior application engineer at Kadant Black Clawson, presented during the Papermaking Technical Program on new pulper technology to handle high trash loads in wastepaper grades.

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Steven Johnson, application engineer at Kadant Black Clawson, focused on the control and removal of contaminants in recycled paper mills in his presentation, Efficient and Effective Operation of Stock Preparation Cleaner Systems.

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TappiCon 2022 was held April 30 through May 4, 2022, in Charlotte, North Carolina USA.

  • Written by:

    Peter Alexander

    Marketing Manager, Kadant Black Clawson

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