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The VeriKleen™ Roll Cleaner Assembly Isn’t Just for the Food and Metals Processing Industries: An Interview with David Moss

VeriKleen Roll Cleaning CloseupSMAs part of Kadant’s extensive range of doctor products, the VeriKleen™ roll cleaner assembly was originally designed for use in industrial processes that needed a compact cleaning system such as food processing and metals processing. Only recently has the VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly been used successfully in doctoring paper machine drying cylinder applications.

The VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly features a lightweight metal alloy construction, compact design to suit tight locations, configurable for wet, dry, harsh, and high-temperature environments. In this interview, David Moss, Senior Sales Manager, explains more.

FS:  The original purpose of the VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly was for the food processing and metals processing industries. How has this doctor solution been applied to the paper industry?

DM:  Although this product was originally designed for food processing and metal processing industries, there is also a requirement in the paper industry for doctor systems and solutions which are simple in design, cost effective, and easy to install. These are all features of the VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly.

FS:  Can the VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly be installed on any part of a paper machine?

DM:  The VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly is best suited for drying cylinder applications where it can be gravity loaded or provided with air cylinder loading. This is because the alloy body is best suited to a dry environment.

FS:  What type of paper machine is the VeriKleen suitable for?

DM:  The VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly is suitable for paper machines with a maximum drying cylinder face width of 3500mm and 300m/min operating speed.

FS:  Is it cost effective?

DM:  Yes. The VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly is a cost-effective alternative to traditional drying cylinder doctors due to its one-piece extruded alloy body and simple supports.

FS:  After the success with the VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly and its multitude of uses, do you see a crossover in the future for other Kadant products or solutions?

DM:  At Kadant, this is something we are always considering, especially if it helps solve as many customer problems as possible more efficiently. There is a tremendous possibility for the crossover of other Kadant products and solutions, particularly with filtration applications. Our team is always working to investigate these possibilities.

  • Written by:

    Francesca Spolverino

    Internal Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Kadant UK

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