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Successful Installation of a VeriLite™ X 2.5” on an Oven Band in the UK

VeriLiteX SMA VeriLite X 2.5” scraper assembly was recently installed on a steel oven band used for food manufacturing. The scraper was installed on a production line for one of the largest biscuit manufacturers located in the South of UK. This well-established manufacturer of biscuits, cakes, and crackers was experiencing carbonized contamination build-up on its oven bands throughout the facility. As the band was constantly becoming coated in a carbonized layer of excess batter and grease, product defects and waste were becoming an issue.

haccp int 09 cert mark black SMTo save on product waste and reduce reject rates, the manufacturer wanted to implement Kadant’s scraping technology as a solution to increase profit and product quality. The carbonized layer was also a considerable drain on its operators’ time during weekly maintenance shuts. Operators would spend hours cleaning down the existing scrapers along with the oven band and surrounding area. As the VeriLite scraper system scraped substantial amounts of carbonized contamination from the steel oven band, the manufacturer was able to significantly save operator cleaning time. By using a VeriLite X, the material being scraped from the surface is falling directly into the stainless-steel catch pan, therefore not getting trapped in the crevasses of the previously used existing scraper system.

Operator safety has been considerably improved; the operators no longer need to adjust the profiling screws on the old system, this allows them to change the blade without putting their fingers near a potential nip point. Blade change speed has also improved due to the installation of a VeriLite system, operators now only need to unload the system to remove and replace the blade, which takes only a matter of minutes. It was also expressed that from an aesthetic point of view, the newly installed VeriLite X 2.5” was far superior to the existing system. The clean and modern looking VeriLite system enhances the visual appearance of the manufacturing line upon first sight.

  • Written by:

    Helen Phillips

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