Water Resource Recovery Strainers

A proper water resource recovery system is used to effectively and efficiently reclaim white water, heat, chemicals, and fiber from a variety of paper and pulp mill applications, including DAF filtrate, save-all water, and seal pit water.

RotoFlex™ Resource Recovery Strainer

The RotoFlex resource recovery strainer uses a unique, patented method of filter media cleaning to keep the filter medium open and to flush contaminates from the surface. The conical media hangs freely from the upper support ring and is not attached or in contact with any part of the strainer below the ring. As the feed flow from the distribution headers impact the media and the media rotates, the synthetic mesh flexes back and forth, shedding the fiber and debris without the aid of a cleaning shower or scraping device. The feed flow helps wash the material to the center collection chamber for reuse or disposal.rotoflex__sm.jpg


  • Backerless filter media design
  • Automatic upset recovery
  • No external power for screen rotation
  • Patented filter media cleaning system
  • Optional intermittent cleaning shower
  • Replace filter media in minutes


  • Recovery of water, heat, chemical, and fiber
  • No electric power or shower water required for operation
  • Continuous operation through system upset conditions
  • High volume capacity

Gravity Strainer 4000™ Series

The gravity strainer 4000 series technology is used for removal of suspended particulates. It is recommended for applications with total suspended solids of less than 1000 ppm and media retention requirements between 60-200 mesh (75-233 micron).

Features and Benefits

  • High flow rate can lower the cost per unit processed
  • High solids loading (up to 1000 ppm)
  • Patented flow distribution system distributes the flow to the screen to maximize capacity
  • Continuous media cleaning with patented rotating multiple shower system provides maximum throughput, minimal downtime, and high efficiency
  • Shower utilizes strainer accepts and does not require fresh water
  • Wide range of filter media accepted including synthetic filter screens
  • Gravity feed operation eliminates pumping cost, simplifies system
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Corrosion-free fiberglass or stainless steel construction extends operating life

VA (Vacuum Assisted) Strainer™

The VA strainer is an enhanced version of the gravity strainer. The unit will operate with influent total suspended solid loadings as high as 5000 ppm (0.5%), and with screen sizes as fine as 325 mesh (44 micron).VAStrainerImage_sm.jpg

Features and Benefits

  • Vacuum-assisted dewatering - handles feed capacities up to 0.5%; processes hard-to-drain low-freeness materials
  • Recovers usable fibers from process flows
  • Filtrate water is clean enough to be used in wash shower systems with no increase mill water requirements
  • Reduces flows sent to waste stream providing reduced treatment and compliance costs
  • Provides excellent washing of recovered fiber resulting in improved fiber quality and brightness
  • Single unit, multiple single units, or as a multi-unit "Multipack" module flexible installation options
  • High throughput per unit - reduces equipment cost and floor space requirements
  • Precise screening to 40 micron
  • Accepts water is clean enough for a variety of applications; allows use of non-purging shower nozzles
  • High-energy cleaning shower nozzles maintain throughput
  • Replaceable filter media is economical and fast to change
  • Filtrate is re-used in wash shower systems with no increase in mill water needs or costs
  • Minimal power requirements