Water Boxes



  • Allows accurate metering of liquids on rolls
  • SS construction
  • Easy adjustment
  • Improved sheet profile and quality
  • Rust free operation
  • Direct and controlled application of liquids on rolls

Compact, Self-contained Units for Applying Liquids to Paper
Kadant Solutions' Mark II™ water box applies fluid uniformly to the sheet as it passes through the stack. Its open construction facilitates cleaning and bacteria control, while a special lip arrangement and watertight end plates assure no-leak, no-drip operation.

Design and Construction
The Mark II water box compact design permits it to fit in narrow spaces. The body is light in weight, yet rigid. Both the water box body and inlet pipe are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The inlet pipe is located inside the box leaving the outside free of obstructions and preventing foreign matter from collecting and dropping onto the sheet. The pipe is fed from either or both ends with flow control valves positioned across the box. The pipe is easily removed, and the plugs at either end can be taken out for cleaning. The drain trough is an integral part of the box's body as it contributes to the "quick dump" feature of the Mark II water box. In addition, its open design allows for rapid cleaning. Stainless steel dam bars establish the pond depth and hold the apron and apron plates in place. Lifting the bars, which are held in place by a series of pins, permits changing the apron without disturbing the box setting. The pond is quickly dumped by removing one of the bars. The aprons, made from bias-laid cloth and rubber to withstand high temperatures, seal flat against the roll without wrinkling. The aprons may be changed on-the-run and are positively secured in place by the dam and pins. Stainless steel apron plates protect the apron in the bottom of the pond and further ensure its wrinkle-free operation. Fully adjustable deckles slide along the top of the body and can be clamped at any desired width. Each deckle is fitted with a water-sealing felt shoe cut to fit the contour of the roll. The Mark II water box is mounted on its own journals. A T-slotted bar supporting the water box bearings allows horizontal adjustment to the roll and permits fast and easy removal of the box. Standard construction includes a manual pivot and latch assembly. Air actuators are available as an option for longer boxes.

The box is mounted against the roll, and fluid is distributed to the pond through either or both ends of the inlet pipe and regulated by a number of flow control valves positioned across the box. By setting the valves for the desired amount of overflow and re-circulation, constant temperature and agitation of the fluid is maintained. Another feature of the Mark II water box is that it can be tilted to regulate the amount of liquid applied to the roll. Removal of one of the dam bars results in quick dumping because it allows the pond to drain away from the trough. Fast draining is also accomplished by pivoting the box away from the roll. In the event of a wrap, the Mark II water box will pivot while the pond spills over the dam into the trough minimizing clean-up after a break. End plates welded to the water box body and extending approximately 1" (25 mm) beyond the ends of the roll, assure leak-free operation. The apron, too, is extended beyond the roll face and is sealed against the end pieces. As a result, any fluid seeping under the deckles, or flowing back from the nip outside the deckle, will be caught by the apron and drain off. This contributes to the Mark II water boxes smooth performance.