Vacuum Control Systems

As demand increases for efficient use of energy and precision in papermaking, the need for reliable and accurate vacuum control on the wet end of the paper machine has never been greater.  Kadant provides all the tools necessary for today’s papermaker to optimize their vacuum control system.

Electronic Interface System (EIS) Vacuum Controls

Designed specifically for use with the V-1000™ vacuum control valve, the EIS packages allow pneumatic/electronic communications with the mill DCS system to optimize performance. There are four EIS packages available depending on your mill operating system.

Single Stage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters

Kadant provides a complete systems approach consisting of a low vacuum source and a surge protection for the high speed centrifugal exhauster.  The exhauster is much lower cost and more efficient that from 0 – 60” water column than liquid ring pumps.

Vacuum Control Piping Systems

In order to maximize results, all aspects of the vacuum piping system need to be reviewed. Effective air/water separation and management of air flow velocities are critical to the success and energy efficiency of the low and high vacuum systems.

Vacuum Control Valve

Precise, automatic control of set point vacuums is required in both low and high vacuum systems.  The V-1000 vacuum control valves provides this accuracy despite fluctuations in stock and vacuum supply.