Octopus™ Stock Approach System

Octopus stock approach systems with dilution profiling ability allow the control of CD profile while paper machines are operating. A radial-type distributor, Octopus supplies a forming device (vats, hydraulic formers, or headboxes) with uniform flows across the width of the machine without the need for recirculation. Octopus stock approach systems are also flowrate insensitive. Internal diffusers reduce floc formation and an air bleed reduces entrained air. An air pad section reduces pulsation caused by fan pumps and pressure screens.

octopus.jpgAs basis weight supplied to each zone of the forming device is a function of flow and consistency, CD basis weight can be controlled by the Octopus stock approach  system's ability to vary consistency in each supply zone. Consistency control of each zone is controlled off-machine, allowing operators to make profile corrections safely while the paper machine is in operation. Papermakers can expect reduced dry weight variation as well as a significant reduction of scrap due to profile variation.

Octopus Stock Approach System Components

  • Distributor/Attenuator
  • Hoses and Clamps
  • CD profile control (optional)
  • Custom designed vat or headbox inlet adaptor (optional)

Features and Benefits

  • All wetted metal parts 316L or 304L Stainless Steel
  • Automatic air pad pressure compensation control
  • Optional CD consistency profiling
  • Applicable to Vats, Headboxes and Hydraulic Formers
  • Provides uniform CD flow/basis weight to former, vat or headbox independent of total flow rate
  • Does not require operator to balance unit in response to flow changes
  • Dampens pressure pulsation
  • Reduces entrained air
  • Reduces floc size