Spray Nozzles

Kadant manufactures thousands of spray nozzles for a variety of applications. Based on our decades of application expertise in papermaking cleaning and conditions, we apply our extensive know-how and hands-on experience to create a spray nozzle that is optimized for your specific application.

ArresTech™ Plated Shower NozzlesKadant_Nozzles.jpg

ArresTech is a proprietary plating process that can achieve any desired Rockwell surface hardness (Rc) rating between 50 – 68. ArresTech is a dry, durable, and smooth plating solution infused with polymers throughout the plating. The plating process delivers a range of unique performance properties unmatched by any other conventional metal plating technology.

ArresTech can be applied to steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron and many other metals. Dissimilar metals can also be plated.

Since ArresTech plating effects critical dimensions, parts must be designed with appropriate allowances for the plating thickness.

In addition to the increase in hardness compared to the base metal, ArresTech provides lubricity. And unlike liquid lubricants that may solidify at low temperatures and often degrade at elevated temperatures, ArresTech performs consistently and predictably across a wide temperature range.