SmartRING Stranders

Available Sizes:  28/81,  28/59,  32/88

SmartRingStrander.jpgThe SmartRING Strander cuts tree length or batch fed logs into strands for OSB production. An innovative clamping system secures the logs in place while the carriage mounted Strander extends into the cutting chamber. Knives mounted within the inner periphery of the ring strand the logs contained within the chamber. At the end of the cutting cycle, the carriage automatically returns to the initial position to repeat the sequence. The knives are designed to extend to the outer edge of the precision ground ring, allowing the ring to advance through the batch of logs during stranding while maintaining consistent strand thickness.

The SmartRING Strander is equipped with several innovative features:

  • Feedback control linked to the Strander rings RPM, allowing real-time forward motion adjustment to ensure consistent strand quality.
  • Knife change procedure utilizing a highly automated nutrunner system providing immediate feedback to the operator, reducing the likelihood of  improperly installed knives.
  • Disposable knife system that can provide improved results through increased operational time, improved strand quality and elimination of the need for a grinding room with its associated costs.
  • Patented ring removal system allows for change-out of the entire ring in less than 10 hours should the need arise.
  • Bend-away anvil utilizing technology to maximize safety of the machine.

Every detail of the SmartRING Stranders has been engineered for efficient, economical production of high quality strands. All of the critical wear components are designed to be easily replaced, utilizing an engineered modular system. This eliminates the added cost and downtime of regrinding and shimming.