Multi-Passage Rotary Unions

Multi-passage rotary unions are used when more than one media are used simultaneously. A multi-passage rotary union provides multiple seals between stationary connections and rotating equipment, such as a drum, index table, clutch, or spindle. The multiple independent passages permit the flow of the same or different media into and/or out of the rotating equipment. Power and fluid transfer media typically used with these multi-passage rotary unions include hydraulic fluids, cutting fluids, air, or inert gas. Other media could include steam, water, thermal oil, and coolant.

The multi-passage rotary union provides multiple, independent passages, each with a different rotating feed point, but all in the same axis. In most cases, each passage requires isolation from other passages especially when the different media cannot mix. The key to reliability in these cases is dependable sealing technology. The sealing technology selected is dependent on the media and operating conditions, such as temperature, pressure, speed, and passage size. From mechanical seals to the DuraSeal™ high-performance elastomeric sealing materials, Kadant Johnson designs the optimal solution for your application to ensure reliability is attained.

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2-passage 4-passage 6-passage
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 8-passage  10-passage  12-passage
Over-the-Shaft (OTS)    

Specification and operating information

 Flow Passages  2 to 12
 Media Types  Air, Coolant, Oil, Steam, Water
 Passage Sizes*  1⁄8", 1⁄4", 3⁄8", or 1⁄2"
 Connection Type  NPT, BSPT, G/BSP (ISO 228), O-ring
 Pressure (Max)**  5,000 psi (345 bar)
 Temperature (Max)**  220° F (105° C)
 Speed (Max)**  500 RPM
 Material Type  Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass
 Mounting Options  Table, Journal, Accessory (example: electrical slip rings), Custom

Other configurations, including over-the-shaft (OTS™ Rotary Unions), and custom solutions, are available.
*Consult factory for passage size options for units with more than eight passages.
**Dependent on application conditions.

Custom Rotary Union Solutions

Have an application that requires a specialized solution? Kadant Johnson’s product innovation team focuses on making the best solution in the shortest time possible. Kadant Johnson’s engineering team is committed to providing technology that meets customers’ application demands. Our goal is to work closely with our customers to develop reliable, efficient, and technically advanced products that add value by improving the process and the quality of the end product.

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