Oscillating Showers

Oscillating showers are used in a variety of applications where high-pressure water jets are required to clean paper machine fabrics or cylinders. Oscillation is an important consideration when using high-pressure showers as the high-pressure jet impact could damage the fabric or cylinder if the shower tube is stationary.

Kadant's oscillating showers can be furnished with either freshwater or clarified whitewater jet nozzles and any combination of alternating jets and fans. Clarified whitewater showers incorporate purgeable nozzles or a rotating internal brush to clean the inside of the pipe and nozzle tips.

Double-tube stationary showers are available for installations where it is advantageous to leave the outer support pipe permanently mounted on the machine and only slide the inner pipe out for maintenance or cleaning.

Kadant offers a full range of water, hydraulic, and electromechanical oscillators to complete the shower package.