Oscillating Shower Systems

Reliable oscillating shower systems are critical to machine performance. Kadant offers a full line of systems including the hydraulic Model 880™ oscillator, the Genesis Ultra™ oscillator, the ArcDrive™ and ArcGlide™ systems, and the most widely used, the EMO III™ oscillator.

Electro-Mechanical Oscillation

An electro-mechanical oscillator improves cleaning and conditioning for better moisture profile management and enhanced product finish. The low speed and time proven drive produces no-dwell, instant stroke reversal, optimizing shower fluid coverage.

Hydraulic Shower System

The hydraulic shower oscillator, Model 880, is recognized for its constant, smooth hammerless action. The Model 880 hydraulic shower oscillator maintains smooth operation during extended periods of unattended service.

Shower Drive System

The shower drive oscillator system, ArcDrive, was designed exclusively to power the ArcGlide shower bearing. ArcGlide's patented conversion of arc motion into linear motion enables the ArcDrive to use smooth, rotary motion to power the shower oscillation bearing system.