Fibrewall™ Screen Cylinders



The FibreWall screen cylinder is wedge wire cylinder designed to achieve high efficiency screening of recycled, mechanical, and virgin fiber. The patent-pending design features a robust mechanical assembly and a high-precision wire positioning system to minimize slot width deviation.


  • Mechanically held wires, built in the round
  • Rugged, high mechanical strength
  • Available for outward and inward flow screens
  • Precise slot-width tolerance


  • High shive and stickies removal efficiency
  • Maximized flow capacity
  • Extended operating life
  • Application flexibility

Unique Construction

The FibreWall basket is a fabricated wedge wire basket made without structural welding or rolling processes. The wire clamping is made mechanically using an innovative process that eliminates welding and other processes that can permanently deform the cylinder shape.

The basket is not rolled, and offers excellent roundness with no distortion. This allows for a uniform gap between the cylinder and the rotor to achieve optimum screening performances. The basket also offers dimensional stability over time due to the absence of residual stress caused by welding or rolling processes. The FibreWall basket is a rugged robust design that can be used in the most adverse conditions.

Optimum screening performances

Based on a series of field trials, screening efficiencies achieved by FibreWall screen cylinders outperformed major competitive cylinders on removing debris and deformable containmants such as stickies. The FibreWall baskets have been able to reduce the stickies level by two to four times compared to other wedge wire baskets operating under similar conditions.

Exceptional repeatability

The unique manufacturing process and technology make it possible to replicate an original FibreWall basket including slot width down to the micron This assures that replacement baskets will be identical to the original in fit, form, and performance.

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