Drainage Structures

Kadant papermaking expertise is well known.  We provide the papermaking tools including forming boards, gravity foils, VID™ Forming Technology, and high vacuum dewatering boxes customer designed for your paper machine.

Boxes & Box Covers

Forming fabric design and the high vacuum system determine the sheet dryness delivered to the couch roll. Kadant will optimize the number of high vacuum compartments, number and width of slots, and recommend vacuum levels to minimize drag load and maximize dewatering.

Forming Blades

On many machines and grades, it is often necessary to provide additional activity in the forming zone to create a more homogenous sheet of paper.  Posi-Pulse™ and Double Posi-Pulse™ forming blades deliver a shear force to break up the fiber mat and allow succeeding drainage elements to work more effectively.

Forming Board Assemblies

Forming Board Assemblies are critical to create the proper balance between early drainage of the fourdrinier and activity management. Kadant custom designs each assembly for the proper open area and blade spacing for your grade and speed.

Gravity Foils

Gravity foil assemblies are critical on fourdriniers to create activity pulses and begin early drainage on the table. The magnitude of the pulses is determined by machine speed, stock consistency, blade angle, width, and spacing.

VID Forming Technology

VID (Velocity Induced Drainage) forming technology is applicable for paper grades from linerboard to fine papers to fluff pulp. Papermakers are able to control activity and optimize fourdrinier drainage performance while improving important sheet characteristics.