Clarification, Filtering, and Washing

A proper water resource recovery system is used to effectively and efficiently reclaim white water, heat, chemicals, and fiber from a variety of paper and pulp mill applications. Applications include deinking and recycling water clarification, primary and secondary effluent clarification, and any application requiring separation of water from fiber or other suspended solids.

Direct Discharge™ Disk Filter

The Kadant Direct Discharge Disk filter is optimal for stock thickening and water return/channeling. A disk filter is a machine that removes water from pulp slurry. The pulp slurry is fed to the disk filter at approximatively 1% concentration and is accepted at 10%. The disk filter’s main advantage over other dewatering equipment is that it retains most of the fibers. Very clear filtrate means that the water can be returned up-front in the previous steps of the process without carrying fibers that have already gone through the process.

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Clarifier

Kadant offers Poseidon DAF units in two basic models: horizontal PPM® model and vertical Saturn™ model configurations to suit particular site requirements. The PPM® models feature a relatively low profile while the SATURN™ Clarifier units are of particular interest for minimizing the installed footprint. Stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials used for construction along with a design which uses very few moving parts, none under water level, as well as the use of exclusive chainless float/ sludge scraping removal systems, all contribute to a reliable operation and minimal maintenance. 

RotoFlex™ Resource Recovery Strainer

The RotoFlex resource recovery strainer uses a unique, patented method of filter media cleaning to keep the filter medium open and to flush contaminates from the surface. The conical media hangs freely from the upper support ring and is not attached or in contact with any part of the strainer below the ring. As the feed flow from the distribution headers impact the media and the media rotates, the synthetic mesh flexes back and forth, shedding the fiber and debris without the aid of a cleaning shower or scraping device. The feed flow helps wash the material to the center collection chamber for reuse or disposal.

DNT™ Pulp Washing Thickener

The DNT pulp washer thickener is a high-speed double nip thickening machine, using a synthetic wire for the most efficient removal of small ink particles, fillers, and other contaminants smaller than 100 mm. The design is simple, compact, and offers high capacity with thorough washing.

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