RapidKleen™ Auto-Strainer

The RapidKleen auto-strainer features simple, yet rugged construction. Housings are manufactured either in cast iron, carbon steel or stainless steel. Strainers are available in flange sizes up to 36" for flow rates up to 40,000 gpm. Filter elements and all internal components are stainless steel. The only moving parts are the flushing and throttling arms. All contact parts are self-adjusting.RapidKleen.jpg

In high volume fresh water filtration applications the Kadant RapidKleen auto-strainer is a cost effective choice. The RapidKleen filter system introduces the fluid to be strained to an inlet nozzle located in the lower shell section of the vessel. Contaminated fluid is directed to a filter assembly made up of a series tubular elements rated for the desired particulate removal. The filter bundle captures particulate from both bottom and top entrances by way of the hollow core of the assembly. Cleaned fluid exits the unit through the outlet nozzle positioned in the shell housing between the top and bottom tube sheets of the filter element.

The automatic flushing action is accomplished through a timer and/or pressure differential that signal the start of the motor to initiate rotation of the backwash mechanism while simultaneously opening an automatic flush valve. The rotational backwash mechanism individually throttles the top entrance of the tubular elements while a receiver arm exposes the bottom to an atmospheric exit channel created by the opening flush valve. This process accomplishes a flow reversal of strained fluid back through the tubular elements while evacuation from top to bottom dislodges and flushes trapped particulate from the individual tubes.

The RapidKleen auto-strainer design consolidates a number of functional features that are independently promoted by a vast variety of types and styles of other strainers on the market. The RapidKleen auto-strainer incorporates all of these advantages into one very uniquely designed strainer/filter. These are truly units with highly effective and extremely efficient backflushing methods. The result is greatly reduced backwash fluid loss and less frequent cleaning cycles.

Additional advantages of the RapidKleen auto-strainer:

  • Filtration surface areas are unequaled by drum, cartridge, well-screen or convoluted filtering elements.
  • Vast amounts of surface area reduce entrapment velocity thus afford ease in backwashing particulate.
  • Introduces contaminated fluid from both the bottom and top of the filtering elements. This concept resists overexposure of one portion of the filtering surface to contamination.
  • In the cleaning cycle the top-throttling arm creates an accelerated flow reversal (6.18) as the exit arm exposes the surface to be cleaned to atmosphere. The intensity of backwash quickly and efficiently scours the filtration surface.
  • The independent tube bundle affords the advantage of a replaceable cartridge or screen drum unit while offering individual element replacement without the need to replace an entire filtration component.
  • Individual bottom and top entry ports allow for large particulate to be fully encapsulated within the element so as not to create interference with the backwash mechanism. Thus no need for shear pins, keys or torque limits.
  • The ease of disassembly and inspection of the entire filter assembly and/or the independent elements makes access openings or hand-hole ports unnecessary.
  • Availability of a variety of interchangeable filter bundles of reverse wound wedge-wire, staple resistant vertical formed elements or wire mesh elements - to a nominal 10-micron